Life on the farm. Never did I think I would absolutely love it this much. When something in life excites you these days, you know your doing something “somewhat” right. Even though I went to school for marketing (and am very active in Kleinpeter marketing campaigns), my true love will always be the animals. Caring for these animals with the team out at the farm feels like a blessing that I am thankful for everyday.

My absolute favorite moment so far has been witnessing the birth of a calf. It was the most amazing thing! Being the first thing the baby sees when she opens her eyes to this new world gave me such an overwhelming feeling of happiness. It was one of those emotions that you never feel and question if you’ll ever feel it again.
Now life on the farm isn’t always baby calf eyes and milkweed flowers in the pasture. There are moments where I’m so covered in cow patties that I can’t go into the local gas station near the farm because of fear that they will finally ask me about what I’m always covered in!

I’ve been so bad about keeping up my blog lately just because of how tired I am by the time I finish my hour and some drive home during prime traffic time. Fortunately, I’ve been keeping voice recordings of myself talking about the crazy things that happen EVERYDAY. So I will most definitely catch up on posting all about my new and exciting experiences. Even though its only been a short time, the guys at the farm have become family to me. And even some of the lady cows! I know it’s bad to pick favorites but… I have. About five of the cows. And my favorite one’s name is Reina which means queen in Spanish. She’s a jersey cow and she’s the one of the sweetest cows I’ve ever gotten to be around. She’s pregnant so one of my favorite “tasks” is taking care of ALL of the cows and their sweet little babies.

With the week coming to an end. We are getting the farm prepped for cutting silage next week. Which will be an all team on deck operation. My hours will be 6am-8pm everyday next week. Needless to say, I’ll be spending the night at the farm’s extra apartment that’s located above the milking parlor.
Here’s a picture that the farm manager, Mike, snapped of Salvador, Cruz and myself cleaning one of our Kleinpeter tanker trucks that holds molasses that is mixed in with the cows everyday diet. Side note, is it really hot outside? I think my body has become immune to the heat!


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