This week has been like a dream. This life was meant to be mine and the fact that I wake up everyday and get to live this is what makes this even more like a dream to me. Brendan (assistant farm manager and also Mike’s son) taught me a lot as well. Brendan, like myself, is 24 years old and boy does he know how to help run a farm! He taught me about how crucial it is to make sure all of the cows feel like royalty. They are why we are here. Our purpose is to serve them so that they can help us serve our customers.
Brendan showed me how to give the cows “manicures” so that their hooves stay nice and well maintained which helps when preventing infection.
After spending time with Brendan and the cow’s, I had the pleasure of spending time with Alex who is a reporter for NBC33. She joined my dad, myself and Mike for a glimpse of what a typical day is like in the milk parlor. She even got a calf named after her!
It was a special moment for me because it was the first time since I started out here on July 22, that I was able to actually process what led me here. In life you are shown signs that point to what is good for you and it’s up to you to decide if YOU think it’s good for you. I’ve never had any doubts about my goal to work here but it really is surreal to me to think about just how far I’ve actually come. It’s awesome to be working with the Kleinpeter team and representing the 5th generation!


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