Sunset_Hay_FieldI grew up drinking the milk my family’s dairy has been making over the past century, since 1913. I always knew that one day I’d join the family business, and my apprenticeship has started!. A couple of months ago I was a college student, and now I’m taking the path my dad, grandfather and uncles all took: starting in the barn taking care of the cows and eventually working my way around to all the jobs in the dairy. I wanted to share my day-to-day experiences and let you see behind the scenes at Kleinpeter Dairy as I learn everything from how to inseminate a cow to running a delivery route to making sure the books balance.

Come back and visit often!

  1. Cordelia Cale (DeDe)

    When I was little, your old silo used to be one of my landmarks. I always thought that it was the prettiest dairy farm I had ever seen. Someone wrote after the disastrous Hurricanes of 2005, that the only good thing about Katrina is that New Orleans got Kleinpeter’s. I agree. Can’t wait to read your story and good luck!


    1. 225farmgirl

      Wow thank you so much for telling me! I was just talking with my dad a few days ago about those old silos! I thought about actually blogging about them. We still have the tower style silos here at the farm but due to advances in farming, they aren’t in use these days. Even though they aren’t in use here, we all still love looking at them and reflecting on the old times! Hope you enjoy the posts and thanks for commenting!


  2. Mona Gills Collins

    I grew up on Pecue Lane with Kleinpeter pasture across the street from my house! I loved crossing the gravel road and visiting with the dairy cows, which I did often. It is among my great childhood memories. It was wonderful seeing your Dad today and very nice meeting you! I think your adventure is an awesome one and one to be proud of!


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